The VapoChill product

This state-of-the-art piece of hardware allows you to cool your CPU to sub-zero temperatures, giving you stability and acceleration opportunities.

Integrated in a standard case, the cooling system is made extremely versatile. The easy installation procedure makes it ideal and suitable for almost any kind of Socket-based motherboards - in others words, you will get MAXIMUM flexibility in choice of hardware at a MINIMUM of costs. Re-use your own hardware when purchasing the VapoChill cooling system.


Sub-zero technology

The VapoChill cooling systems utilizes a principle, which has been known for decades and can be explored in every household refrigerator. Although the principle of refrigeration might look simple, the relative small dimensions and cooling demands of a computer makes innovative thinking and construction necessary.

The cooling cycle comprises four steps of operation as shown in the illustration above: Compression, condensation, throttling (pressure reduction) and evaporation of the refrigerant.

The warm, gaseous refrigerant is sucked from the evaporator into the compressor, where the pressure is raised to the condensation pressure of the refrigerant in order for the phase change to occur.

The heat gathered from the evaporator plus the heat added during compression is expelled through the condensing unit, and is now completely liquefied.

Capillary tube
In order for the refrigerant to evaporate, it is necessary to lower the pressure using some sort of valve. By using a capillary tube (i.e. a tube with a small inner diameter) the same pressure drop can be obtained, before being send into the evaporator.

The evaporator is responsible for transferring the heat from the CPU into the refrigerant, where the refrigerant changes phase from liquid to vapour. This process consumes a lot of energy, which can only be extracted from the CPU in terms of the heat already produced by the processor.