For a detailed presentation of the more than 25 improvement on the VapoChill Socket, click one of the hyperlinks below, and you will be taken directly to the relevant section. 

- Socket type CPU kit
- Cooling unit
- Case
- Front bezel
- Integrated LED display and ChillControl

To learn more about the technical profile and functionality of the VapoChill Socket, check the Tech Specs link, read the reviews of independent hardware specialists, check the Forum link placed on the entry page for others' experiences with the VapoChill, or even better - go get one and validate the wonder for yourself!

For a short introduction to the technology that has made this cooling solution possible, please visit our Product Idea section.

Socket CPU kit

  • Evaporator, casing and retention clip supporting the following CPU types:

    1. Socket 370 (INTEL)
    2. Socket 423 (INTEL)
    3. Socket 478 (INTEL)
    4. Socket A (Amd)
  • The VapoChill systems are preassembled from production with one of two Socket-kits:

    1. Socket A / Socket 370
    2. Socket 423
    3. Socket 478

    The overall CPU kit have been disigned for a very easy change from one Socket-kit to the other - an effortless operation which requires no professional input.
  • Reduced in outside dimensions the evaporator technology (patent pending) is capable of removing even more heat than our earlier design at the same evaporator temperatures: -20 to -10 degrees Celsius, depending on CPU.
  • The overall CPU kit is preassembled for easy installation - No harder to install than an ordinary heat sink solution.
  • When mounted the design of the new CPU kit ensures a 100% even and permanent pressure of the evaporator on the CPU.
  • The evaporator enclosure is metalized to effectively reduce permeability.
  • Heat conduction compound, the high efficiency thermal paste which is now part of the standard VapoChill Socket package provides for maximum thermal acceleration and correct assembly of the CPU-kit


  • Internal steel parts are powder painted (black) to boost visual appeal and eliminate all sharp corners and edges.
  • Improved airflow in top section including custom cutout for the new condenser.
  • Separate metal enclosure for cooling unit, designed for improved airflow and heat release. With this improvement, the cooling unit is effectively separated from other computer components. This means that apart from facilitating CPU performance enhancement alone, the heat from the CPU is completely removed from the overall computer system.
  • Extra 5 1/4" drive bay - now total of three.
  • Reset switch has been added to the case.
  • Extra 120mm fan hole placed at the bottom of the case.

Cooling unit

  • A larger condensing area and more tubing, yet reduced outside dimensions has allowed for better structural design, improved efficiency and enhanced slack capacity of the condenser.
  • New pipe structure has eliminated the formation of moist and condensation build-up on the compressor outlet in situations of non-stop (24 hour) uptime.
  • The compressor's electrical unit is wired to accommodate variable (compressor) speed control. This means that it is possible to adjust cooling performance according to heat dissipation of the CPU. The speed control is based on resistance jumpers
  • Enclosure of insulation tube with shrink hose to avoid tearing and to increase capacity has been added to the new generation VapoChill

Front bezel

  • A progressive and daring design of the new front bezel provides a monumental enclosure for the proprietary VapoChill technology. In itself a trademark for the backbone technology of the fastest PC's on the planet.
  • Original placement and visual presentation of the LED-display shows evaporator temperature.
  • Transparent cover over LED display available in various colors.

Integrated LED display and ChillControl

  • The integration of the ChillControl with a LED display has given the end user a constant visual confirmation of the functionality of the VapoChill by showing evaporator temperature. Additionally, the LED display signals limits for boot and shut down temperatures.

  • For end user customization and system fine-tuning the LED display / ChillControl gives easy access for programming of temperature limits and hysteresis.

  • Straight-through joints for easy assembly and disconnection of general wiring

  • Improved quality in overall wiring, including protective tubing of selected parts